2018 Book 1 BIGSeize the Day
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In a world of magic and chaos, seventeen-year-old Lannie Brackenbury has only ever wanted to be alone in Aria. Two years after her mother’s death, Lannie has finally found a place in the world where she can live peacefully. But when she is forced to tutor at Aria’s castle and encounters the infuriating Prince Titus, her life takes a turn for the worse.

Unwillingly forced into a realm of pompous Royals and unpredictable magic, Lannie must survive murderous naiads, man-eating water horses, and the antics of a prince who can’t seem to leave her alone.

But when Lannie discovers that someone is out to destroy the royal family, she must do everything in her power to uncover the truth before it’s too late.

Even if it means sacrificing all that she has ever known.

Chains of Fate2018 Book 2 BIG

Book II of the Seize the Day series

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Lannie Brackenbury never thought she would be sent on a dangerous quest to save the world. But after she discovered her destiny as a Harbinger, that idea took a drastic twist. Bestowed with abilities that she is still learning to use, Lannie is sent on a journey that will take her across Etheia, where she must negotiate a peace treaty between the magical kingdom of Eremith and the human kingdom of Nor to break the vicious cycle of slavery.

But making peace in the world of Etheia is not as easy as it seems.

Therin, the bloodthirsty Drakain that ruined Lannie’s life, is still moving in the shadows, convincing the world to doubt the existence of the Harbingers. And when a terrifying beast cloaked in darkness attacks Lannie, she realizes that defeating Therin is the least of her worries. Humans and magical creatures are on the brink of another war. This time, it is far more dangerous than Lannie could ever have imagined. There is a dark force at work that is bent on destroying not only Nor, but Eremith as well.

And it will take everything that Lannie has to stop it.

Path to Destiny2018 Book 2 BIG

Book III in the Seize the Day series
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After the dreadful battle with the Drakain Therin, Lannie Brackenbury found out that a malicious entity known as the Shadow is bent on destroying Etheia. With the rumor of its origin in Balua, she sets out for the desert country with her allies in the hope of finding the Shadow. Along the way, she must also convince the countries of Balua, Drush, and Tekin to abolish slavery.

But what Lannie soon finds out is that abolishing slavery in Nor sent a shock wave through Etheia. Hatred for the Harbingers runs rampant, and when she meets the ambitious leader of an underground syndicate that fights against slavery, she soon understands that abolishing slavery will be harder than she ever imagined.

With the oppressive Shadow lingering behind everything she does, Lannie experiences destructive, terrifying visions about Eden’s past, and she soon realizes that Eden knows more about the Shadow than she lets on. Lannie doesn’t know who to trust any longer. Even Prince Titus seems to be hiding something, and when she discovers a devastating secret about her future with him, it will tear her world apart.

And Lannie must decide if her world is worth saving.